Vintage Rice Bowls

As the story goes, in 1848, a Chinese shipping vessel sunk off the coast of Saigon, vietnam. In 2008, the ship was discovered and the items were salvaged. Among the contents found were 22,800 clay and enamel rice bowls. Each rice bowl is unique and shows the patina of being underwater for 160 years. With a legend like this, who wouldn't be in love with these bowls? Although we wish they were safe to eat out of, we're still overjoyed to possess these little relics. We've all been getting creative with what to do with these bowls and have found they make for such great displays! The natural patina and soothing earth tones create a wonderful, calming atmosphere. Perfect for stashing little odds and ends, these bowls look as good on their own as they do filled with all of your favorite treasures. Stop by soon and pick up your very own artifact before they're all gone!

Available at The Paris Market.

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Anonymous said...

I saw these little bowls a couple of months back and when we went back today, I decided to purchase one for my wife. It is interesting to know these little bowls that were most likely so uninteresting 160 years ago have such a great and fun story to go with them today. We are pleased to now own one and display it as a conversation piece in our home.