Postcards from Paris: {derrière les vitrines}

Fashion week is kicking off here in Paris, and one of the next best things after actually being at a show is window shopping. Some of the more notable windows are along the boulevard Haussman, at Printemps and Les Galeries Lafayette. I bring you this month’s display, first-hand.
I love window displays. So much can be expressed through a window. I’ve learned this from working at The Paris Market. The windows were always top priority in defining and capturing the overall tone of  the shop. In Paris, the concept is no different.
I especially love les vitrines at Les Galeries Lafayette. Behind the glass, the collection from Lanvin was displayed on marionette mannequins. To add movement there are fans in constant motion blowing up skirts and waving arms about, making the mannequins come alive.
At Printemps, Louis Vuitton celebrates Japanese artist, Yayoi Kusama, collaborating with her signature brightly-toned polka-dots.
There is something peaceful and seemingly unsuperficial about window shopping at night. Since the opportunity of actually shopping has passed, one is safe to completely immerse oneself in the art behind the window displays. The commercialism still hints, but at night  after the hustle and bustle of the workday ceases the sidewalk in front of the windows seems more like a museum, and it inspires those with a certain amount of pocket change and then some, to return when the open sign is facing forward and the hustle and bustle is illuminated with day light.

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