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Our book section is bursting with a rich selection of must-reads for the home, creative mind, intellectual soul and vintage lifestyle. Some of personal favorites cater to the kitchen and the taste buds. Pick up some of these coveted cupboard reads, now available at The Paris Market!

 Egg Whites, Sugar, a pinch of cream of tartar or a dash of vinegar - and air. So simple, yet so divine! Meringue can be spooned onto pies, piped into any number of beautiful shapes, baked, poached, whipped into silky frostings, or folded into cakes. It can be combined with round nuts, chocolate, or any number of flavorings, or made into vessels for chantilly cream and berries. And that's just the beginning.
With thoughtful instructions, helpful hints, and magical recipes, Meringue will guide you in making such heavenly treats as Classic French Meringues, Chocolate Raspberry Mini-Pavlovas, Clementine Meringue Cake with Rosemary, and Baked Alaska.

 Layered, fluffy, feathery, silky, soft, and velvety biscuits all come together in Southern Biscuits, a book of recipes and baking secrets for every biscuit imaginable. Southern Biscuits features easy biscuits that are hassle-free and undemanding to make, as well as embellished biscuits laced with silky goat butter, crunchy pecans, or tangy pimento cheese, and everything in between.
The biscuits in this book encompass a number of types, from the beaten biscuits of the Old South and England, to biscuits reminiscent of Sunday Supper, to modern trends and ingredient combinations. Filled with beautiful photography, including dozens of how-to photos showing how to mix, stir, fold, roll, and knead, Southern Biscuits is the definitive biscuit baking book.

 Garden goodness goes into these drinks, from the freshest of summer goodies to the delights of fall or a dose of warmth on a chilly winter's eve. Here are recipes for delectable nonalcoholic libations perfect for parties or for relaxing at home.
Liven up a simple syrup with herbs, or garnish the glass with an added touch from the orchard or garden. Easy fruity drinks and creamy milkshakes, along with dressed-up teas make perfect ideas for your next get together. A few special cake and tart recipes, plus stories and history capture the traditional experience of entertaining on the porch.
From favorite family recipes and fun recollections of childhood to modern twists on classic toasts, Sip & Savor will wet your whistle with a host of beverages that can be sipped and savored for years to come.

An homage to the classic French bistro by Bertrand Auboyneau, owner of the Paul Bert in Paris, and Francois Simon, renowned Le Figaro food critic. Auboyneau offers a seasonal selection of the Paul Bert's finest recipes, and Simon explains the ten essentials that make - or break - a great bistro. Featuring a dozen of the best bistros in the French capital.

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