Intriguing Objects: Haunting Old Photo Albums

I love these albums! They are just hauntingly lovely. The thick pages with the almost gothic cutouts make it feel ready to hold something truly lasting and important. It gives all those memories the weight and substantial feel they deserve. With a limited amount of pages it leaves you to edit a bit and not to put in EVERY single photo of an event - which I like. Out of 50 photos there are usually only about 18 worth keeping anyway.  It doesn't have to be for photos - you could turn it into a scrapbook using the cutouts for postcards, or poems, or ticket stubs...and taping or pasting stuff around the cutout too. You could turn it into a book of your favorite little drawings and quotes and prose. Or create an entirely new story to live inside the book. Numero Uno is my favorite:

1. Velvet Landscape Album, $120 -entirely blank and ready to go. 
2. Leather Photo Album, $85 -smaller album with brass latches, and old photos still inside.

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