Our Ladies on Etsy!

It is no secret that the world has Etsy fever.
For the lovers of inspiration, vintage, and handmade, this online shopping mecca takes the cake! We here at Paris Market pride ourselves on having a pretty crafty crew of girls. Whether just behind the register or designing store displays, each member of our team has a multitude of special skills. 
Some of our lovely ladies have graced the pages of Etsy with their own online stores and we couldn't be more proud!

Introducing our Paris Marketeers by day, Craft Entrepreneurs by Night!

 Kelsey is the paint and ink behind some of Paris Markets most memorable window displays (remember Christmas?) Her magical illustrations have us all goo goo eyed and completely captivated. Her work has even been featured on Martha Stewart's web page! 
We proudly carry her products in-store, but her Etsy shop also carries her lovely creations plus additional prints you can't buy anywhere else! Check it out!

Megan is a recent graduate of the Savannah College of Art and Design with a B.F.A in Production Design and a concentration in Costume Design. Her shop shows off her skills in needlework, sewing, and her love of menswear. If you want your man to look sharp for any event, stop by Megan's shop and check out her incredible collection of handmade bow ties and other goodies!

 Jessica, our how to gal and part time blogger, shows off her passion for handmade weddings with her collection of crafty Wedding Supplies. Her Etsy shop Willow & Lark has everything from fabric bouquets and customizable couples notebooks, to hand painted signs and bridal hairpieces. Got the bridal bug? Head on over to her little corner of the web world for some supplies to make your wedding truly stand out!

1. Hand painted Arrow Reception Sign 2. Velvet & Glitter Star Hairpiece  3. Fabric Flower and Brooch Bouquet 4. Wedding Heart Brooch

Monica, our go-to graphic designer and letterpress maven makes incredible cake toppers, illustrations, and prints in her Etsy shop Lettie Briggs. Her eye for detail and whimsical sense of humor make her creations something to treasure. Click here to check out her shop or look for some of her amazing jewelry designs at the Paris Market! 

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what a great post! The Paris Marketeers are indeed ridiculously talented and enterprising. Love it.