A Jewelry Designer's Dream!

Jewelry making is a treasured pastime for many creative folks.
Integrating vintage pieces into your jewelry project is a great way to set your designs apart and pay homage to old world charm. Here at Paris Market we have a unique collection of vintage bobbles and bits, just waiting to be picked up by a jewelry lover and crafted with to create something truly special.

Here are some of our favorites! 

 These Vintage Pin-Back Numbers come from an old military factory in Europe. Originally used to decorate uniforms, they now can be a great addition to necklaces, earrings, and even gift boxes. Lapel pins and buttons have been popular for over a century, and many reflect interests and beliefs of the wearer. Unions and church attendance pins, years of service buttons and lapel pins for service organizations are common. Our collection of Vintage Pin-Back Numbers come in a variety of finishes, designs, and sizes.

 The Mary Medal, also known as the Miraculous Medal, dates back to 1832 and is a worldwide symbol of the intercession of Mary. Many Catholics and Christians wear the Miraculous Medal, which they believe if worn with faith and devotion will bring them special graces at the hour of death. No matter what your beliefs, these intricate medals can add an old world charm to any jewelry piece.

 Milagros are religious folk charms that are traditionally used for healing purposes and as votive offerings in Mexico, the southern United States, and other areas of Latin America. They are frequently attached to altars, shrines, and sacred objects found in places of worship, and they are often purchased in churches and cathedrals, or from street vendors. Milagros come in a variety of shapes and dimensions and can fabricated from many different materials, depending on local customs. They can be constructed from gold, silver, tin, lead, wood, bone, or wax.
 In Spanish, the word milagro literally means miracle or surprise.

 These Paris Medals came from a deserted military factory in France. Paula, owner of the Paris Market, picked them out herself on one of her special trips abroad. These vintage medals would be worn by different divisions of the french military and are normally decorated with colored enamel. Every medal is unique and come in various sizes. What an amazing detail to use on a charm bracelet or attached to a long necklace.

Saint Charms are sacramentals, symbols created by the Church that help the believer recall his or her faith or religious duties. Originally created in the 1500s, these two sided mini charms can add color and meaning to any jewelry piece. We have many images to choose from and our saint charms are a popular item for our jewelry making customers!

Put your crafty fingers to work and stop by the store to scoop up some our unique charms and vintage medals!

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