Summer Scarf Style

 We are head over heels for our new assortment of summer scarves that have just arrived at the Paris Market!
These lightweight scarves are a huge hot weather staple for so many stylish ladies. We decided to offer up some trendy tips on how to wear this versatile fashion accessory.

Step 1: Fold your scarf into a long rectangle. Find the center and place it on the crown of your head, wrapping around the back of your neck. 
Step 2: Keeping each end of the scarf in separate hands, twist each end around the other. Fold the loose ends behind your head, tucking to secure.

Step 1: Fold your scarf into a long rectangle. Place the center of the scarf on your belly button. Wrap once around your body.
Step 2: Tie a knot in the front.
Step 3. Twist each loose end in your fingers and tuck into the already wrapped scarf. Be Creative! 

Step 1: Fold your scarf into a long rectangle and give it a loose twist.
Step 2: Start behind your neck and wrap scarf (still twisted) once around the front of your neck. Tuck the loose ends in the folds behind the back of your neck to create the second layer.

Share the Scarf Love and Stop by The Paris Market to Grab one of your Own!

1 comment:

Curtains in My Tree said...

oh yes , scarfs are here to stay and I am so glad

since I don't have a little bitty waist like you model, I won't be trying that trick, but loves scarfs

hope you still have some of that Mary Jane candy when I make it to Savannah my next trip LOL