Father's Day Gift Guide

Father's Day is just days away, and while we all love our dads, we love procrastination more. 
But no worries, there is still plenty of time to get your perfect Pop a little something to say thanks.

Swing by the store and stock up on some of our father favorites for every kind of Dad!

1. Found Object Nature collage (store only)  2. Printed Matchbox (store only)  3. Carved Animal Letter Opener (story only)  4. Petrified Wood Piece (store only)

1. Toasts & Tributes Book (story only)  2. Ram Horn Wine Opener (story only)  3. Mini Bar Matches (story only)   4. Ram Horn Bottle Opener (story only) 

1. Thomas Paul Lined Notebook (story only)  2. Burgundy Writing Ink (story only)  3. Fabric Printed Pencil Zip Case (story only)  4. Vintage Metal Letter (story only)

1. Red Cross Ceramic Soap Dish (story only)  2. Vintage Shaving Brush (story only)  3. Looking Sharp Bar Soap (story only)  4. Musco Real After Shave (story only)

Any man can be a father.  
It takes someone special to be a dad.  
~Author Unknown

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