A Crafter's Guide: Mason Jar Party Tumblers!

 The 4th of July is just around the corner and party planning is already in full swing. The grills are being cleaned, sparklers have been stock piled, and every lovely lady in this great US of A has already purchased this seasons swimsuit for the nations largest beach going holiday. 
To aid you in your Red, White, & Blue celebration, we have come up with these festive Party Tumblers!

Supplies Needed:

Wide Mouth Mason Jars with Tops
Heavy-weight Cardstock
Festive Fabric
Pencil or Ink Pen
Spray Adhesive
Utility Knife
Glue Gun and Glue Sticks
Striped Straws

 Step One: 
Take the center of your Mason Jar lid and trace several circles onto your heavy weight cardstock. Cut out circles.

 Step Two: 
Continue using your lid to trace and cut circles out of your festive pattered fabric.

 Step Three:
Spray each cardstock circle with a layer of spray adhesive and press fabric circles (pattern side up) onto the cardstock circles.

 Step Four: 
Take your utility knife and cut an X (off center) onto each circle. Poke through X with your striped straw.

 Step Five:
Using your glue gun, lay down a strip of glue inside the center edge of your Mason Jar lids. Press your fabric/cardstock circles inside. Most Mason Jar lids are a shiny metal. To add a POP, try painting the ring of your lids (we chose white!).

  Add a patriotic punch to your 4th of July celebration with these Mason Jar Party Tumblers!

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