Behind the Glass: The Call of the Young and the Wild

With summer approaching it’s easy to reminisce over the carefree days of adolescence. A feeling of nostalgia looms in the air as we dream of the possibility to experience the world as we knew it when we were young. The Imagination a child possesses is extraordinary. Even the smallest experience can seem like an epic adventure. The youthful risk-without-consequence attitude now seems more appealing than ever. As the nights continue to stay warm, the idea of a voyage deep into the mountains becomes increasingly enticing. Equally as inspired, our display artists worked hard to capture our nostalgia for the freewheeling days of being young in our newest window display. 

Here are a few items to help you relive your past adventures:

1. Preservation Notebook | 2. Bedroll | 3. Brass Globe | 4. Toadstool | 5. Willow Fishing Basket | 6. Cracker Box with Glass Slide

Available at the Paris Market.

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