German Walking Canes

Walking canes, also known as pilgrim’s staffs or trekking poles, are primarily used by avid hikers to help ease the journey along their trail. Utilized for a variety of purposes, walking canes are perfect when extra support is needed, especially when traveling uphill or downhill. Walking canes are also great for clearing brush or other obstacles that may be blocking a pathway. Originating around the 17th or 18th century walking canes became essential to a gentlemen's wardrobe, not only as an accessory but as a defensive weapon as well. 

Our current collection of walking canes originate from the hills of Germany's countryside. Each cane is adorned with various medallions that commemorate the specific trail a hiker has conquered. Although some trails may be more difficult than others, the completion of any hike is certainly worthy of an award. With several of our canes being covered top to bottom in commemorative medallions, we can't help but imagine the explorers that accomplished such adventuresome hikes. 

Available at The Paris Market and on our Online Boutique!

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