Postcards from Paris: { Café de L'INDUSTRIE }

Play Billie Holiday at any moment, and I will immediately regard the ambiance as right.
As an added measure, place a few potted plants in the scene, and then some various portraits of painted women, good food, and the company of a calico cat claiming territory by the windowsill. That’s what one can expect at Le Café de L’Industrie.
I was amongst the early dejeuner diners. The restaurant was just barely set up for lunch; most tables were available, forcing me to choose which cozy nook to claim myself. I decided on a seat with a courtyard view, and with a lovely red-lipstick lady hanging overhead.
  The crowd that shortly poured in after me were a bunch of bo-bo's,
bourgeois-bohème. They were all wonderfully styled; casually glamorous while indulging in le plat du jour; leisurely taking in the typically French cuisine. By the time my entrée arrived the restaurant was filled.  The confit de canard is my favourite. My tastebuds would welcome it every day, if it weren’t for my waistline. That's the charm and comfort of the Café de L’Industrie;
 the setting is right and the food is right.
Situated around the corner from the Opera Bastille, it's a bit of a commute from my side of town, but it's always a worthwhile experience, and my leisure lunch spent with Billie Holiday confirms it.

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