For the Table: Handmade Napkin Rings

When we begin setting our table, whether it be for a simple meal for two or an entire spread for all of our friends and family, we like to be able to bring something that makes the table truly unique. In many cases, napkin rings can seem like an over embellishment and the last thing we want is to make a meal feel too formal and alienate our guests. However, when done right, napkin rings can really add that extra nuance to the table, bringing a subtle accent to the rest of the decor. Such is the case with our latest collection of wooden napkin rings, handmade by Collin Garrity. A beautiful assortment of exotic woods, each napkin ring matches its quality with beauty and undoubtedly brings life to each place setting at the table. Perfect for small or large gatherings, formal and informal, and unquestionably a beautiful accent to your table, these handmade napkin rings are an absolute must have this spring!  

Available at The Paris Market.

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