On the Shelf: Low Country Luxe's Southern Botanical Candles

We're firm believers in finding inspiration wherever you live. For us, there's nothing more invigorating than being immersed in our local surroundings. We know it's unrealistic to think we can spend all of our time lounging by the sea or taking a boat ride through the marshes, but given the opportunity, we would want nothing more! There are endless reasons why we love Low Country Luxe candles, but the one thing that really makes them special to us is their ability to capture the subtle aromas and scents found in the Low Country. A place like Savannah can't be pinned down to one scent, because in reality it has numerous fragrances that make it memorable and Low Country Luxe has found the perfect balance in their southern candles. When life has us too busy to stroll along Tybee's shore, or nap underneath the oak trees dappled with spanish moss, Low Country Luxe's candles do a great job of making us believe we are doing just that.

Available at The Paris Market.

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Ron said...

I love these candles too! I bought my first, Spanish Moss from Paris Market in the spring of 2006. I love it!