Vintage Find of the Day: White and Gold Dishware

It should come as no surprise that we love collections, especially when they're vintage. Our latest assortment of vintage white and gold dishware comes from all over the world and we still want more! As we've been collecting, we've noticed with vintage pieces in particular, it's all too easy to end up with a mixed assortment of clashing patterns. One solution we've found that has helped us, is to start with something simple that you like and then work off that initial idea. We're always inspired and charmed by white and gold, so as we keep that motif in mind, our search has already become that much easier. Invariably the assortment is what is going to make the collection interesting, however, in this process we like to remind ourselves subtlety and simplicity always make the best collections. It may just be that spring is in the air but our vintage dishes are making us extra excited to share some delicious meals outside with our friends and family! Stop by soon and see the rest of our vintage dishware!

Available at The Paris Market!

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