This Just In: Garden in a Bag

For some of us, the amount of time or space required to start a garden in our home is simply not in the books. Though we may romanticize the idea of waking up, stepping out our door and picking a fresh tomato off the vine, the reality of the situation is not quite as romantic. Fortunately, we've just stocked our shelves with the perfect solution in a bag! Though it may not be the same scale as a garden in your yard would be, the herbs are unmistakably top notch. And best of all, you can easily move them anywhere you would like! If you're wanting to start a micro garden without the hassle and commitment of a normal garden then look no further! Garden in a bag will equip you with everything you need! And, when you're ready to clean up for the day, our gardner's soap will make sure your hands look and feel as fresh as the herbs you've been planting. Happy gardening!

Available at The Paris Market.

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