Behind the Glass: Southern Oyster Roast

Open up those garage doors and get your table ready because it's time for an good ol' fashioned southern oyster roast! This time every year when the first sings of spring begin sprouting, we like to grab a fresh catch of oysters and roast them in our back yard. The process of cleaning, roasting, shucking and finally eating an oyster is a dining experience that we truly cherish. Undergoing such an intense ritual makes you feel like you've really earned your meal. And invariably, the oysters somehow seem to taste all the more delicious as well! Seeing as oyster roasts are one of our favorite early spring activities, we thought it was only appropriate to showcase the excitement of such an event in our very own storefront windows. Filled with our favorite springtime dining and bar accessories, we're ready to tackle as many oysters as you can catch! Come check out the rest of our beautiful new windows soon and happy roasting! Bon appetit!

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