Postcards from Paris: { c'est noël ! }

The autumn grey sky has arrived saturizing all of the turning leaves. Like in the states, Christmas begins in November. The displays are up at Le Bon Marché, and I feel fortunate working there and feasting my eyes upon the season. It's an exhuberating feeling being amongst the Christmas cheer and the hustle bustle of holiday shopping. At Le Bon Marché, minimalists create the winter scenes in the windows. The birch trees are elegantly enhanced with gold, while delicate gift ideas hang from the branches. Instead of being transitioned immediately into the season, Le Bon Marché creates a gentle reminder that December is just around the corner. During the greay cloudy days, the windows seem stark. The gold shines, but everything else is white, but once the sun has settled around 18h, 'tis the season and the festivities begin.

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