Postcards from Paris: { rendez-vous du matin }

Winter is approaching sooner and sooner. The crisp cold temperature encourages the most vivid golden tones in the turning leaves. As each morning seems colder and colder, approaching the holidays sooner and sooner, more and more layers of sweaters and coats are added to our wardrobe. My husband and I have left Paris for the countryside of sorts, but having a rendez-vous in the city on Sunday morning we drove in early finding the city sleeping. The avenues, boulevards, and rues were mostly abandoned, and it felt as though this grand, magic city was ours for the keeping. We had some time before, and we decided to take some detours before our destination. It was cold, but promising as the sun rose from the Seine and the sky was clear. The statues seemed like ice sculptures having a thin layer of frost and cold to the touch. I imagine them shivering all night without a sufficient amount of clothing and waking up frozen, only us to stumble upon them unplanned. My fingers were numb in the end, but there was nothing short of magnificent as we moved from the left bank near le jardin de Luxembourg across the seine towards le marais, where our rendez-vous du matin began.

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