Postcards from Paris: { Voyage à Venise }

After whilrwind of events, and a grand finale in Venice I am back on the blog, with the same enduring excitment to post about the lovely occurences happening in the city of light.
To explain my absence, I said 'I do' to a Frenchie, and that process took me away from the postcards. Though it may be a cliché we went to Venice for our lune du miel. The city is so beautiful. It's difficult to write that simple statement because it seems to obvious, but really Venice is a city unlike any other. Every corner we turned it seemed as if the scènes kept getting better and better. When I was a little girl I had two cds I alternated each evening before going to sleep, one was a story for Mozart's, The Magic Flute, and the other was Vivaldi's Four Seasons concerto. Vivaldi's being based in Venice always held an intrigue for the city on stilts. The different violin-played seasons was the soundtrack to our voyage, each different one defined an area we strolled through during the four days we were there, and the favorite being Autumn to set the season in it's place.

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kirsten sparenborg said...

oh, Reba! lovely photos and memories... I love Venice and I love that you went there on your 'lune du miel.' many happy wishes for you.