Making Spirits Bright : The Baby Corner

Just like the doll pictured above, our faces can't help but smile every time we walk through the young Paris Marketeer corner. This little nook is a treasure trove bursting with adorable stuffed dolls, knit sweaters with airplanes, handmade wooden tops, vintage marbles, a library of children's books and so much more! I think we enjoy this area of the store even more than the kids that run through do. One of the greatest joys of shopping in this section is the overwhelmingly warm welcome you receive from all of the stuffed toys. It's as if the entire animal kingdom is hosting a celebration just for you and your children! And now that we have begun integrating some of our holiday favorites with the rest of our fun toys, this corner is really making our spirits bright! Next time you're looking to take your children on a mini adventure stop by and take a stroll through the shop!

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