Taxidermy, A Solar System, and 109 Noses

My wife decided not to get up for an early morning shopping spree. She’s not a morning person; she actually thinks brunch is the first meal of the day. We had this great opportunity to select shop a vintage European wholesaler, but the first come first served mentality was to prevail. Perhaps a few too many bourbons the night before, I woke up ready, reeling, but ready. My wife, alas, still in deep hibernation, was not to be aroused. After a quick caffeine infusion it was off to the hunt.

I arrived in the dark to join the other hungry retailers at the gate. Felt like the kennel at feeding time. Each new arrival was sized up and subsequently discarded to the back of the line by the pack leader. The wholesaler finally sauntered up to the gate and herded us inside.

Ah, like the Vikings of old, we pillaged our way through the warehouse. Everything had a price, and I had to have everything. Stickers flew about, hopes won, dreams dashed.

A couple of hours later, an American express card much lighter, I return to the hotel. My wife, still in the same place I left her, although with a half empty cup of coffee in her hand and some croissant fragments on her robe, asked how it went. I proudly pulled out the receipt and revealed my treasure;

Antique taxidermy baby deer, baby goat, fox, and badger
French model solar system (Which sold quick!)
109 terra cotta theatre nose molds (early 1900's)

My wife now accompanies me on all buying outings. I believe she has finally realized the magnitude of my genius.

*all items available at the Paris Market and Brocante store or website. Noses available individually or as a lot. Priced from $140-170 individually.


Signature Vintage said...

Sounds like your wife and I would get along, after all, brunch is not only the first meal of the day to some, but also the best ;)!

"hi, i'm ginny branch and i love love." said...

look at all those curiosities y'all have collected, i wish i was there to buy some noses! guess what danyluks...i'm engaged to ed(my junior high sweet heart who i've been dating on and off in college). it's a good thing!