The Spider, the Oyster, and the Twig

No this is not the beginning of some strange joke, rather these are just a few of the names swirled into wonderful, natural, and organic creations from our own lighting guru. Sometimes simple and discrete, sometimes riveting, complex and over-the-top, yet always enthralling, these unique masterpieces are available only at The Paris Market and Brocante.

The tidal marshes serve as a fantastic palette of inspiration for this aspiring artist. Gently working metals and incorporating natural materials, the finished products are individual, unique, one-of-a-kind designs sure to strike up conversation (in fact some of his creations have already appeared on various designer blogs – love it!).

Below are just a few examples of pure genius. All items can come in almost any size and shape, some just dictated by the constraints of nature. Have a rough idea of what you want? Send us a sketch, and before you know it, your idea will come to light – pun intended!

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BellaColle said...

Oh my gosh! Those are amazing! I wish your store was around when I lived in Savannah!
Very pretty.
Have a wonderful weekend.