It takes a village

After another incredibly busy quarter, my husband and I have finally had a chance to sit down, reflect and regroup. Fall in Savannah is chock full of social events, parties, and festivals. Friends and relatives tag-team visits to take advantage of the perfect weather. By the end of the season, we usually slump exhausted on the couch and discuss our upcoming holiday plans.

As retailers, the holiday season usually begins sometime in October and stretches through January. A four month riotous extravaganza of frenetic, intense hyperactivity. Needless to say, this is most often preceded by feelings of trepidation, excitement and contempt all rolled into a joyful angst.

This year, things have not felt as chaotic. For some reason the path seems easier. After some further reflection we both arrived at the same conclusion. Our staff. From our initial embryo of a store with our first employee, now to our constantly overwhelming business with 13, we couldn’t do without them. Our staff has grown and evolved into a cohesive team, facilitating every aspect of the business. From coffee bar to website, from warehouse to window display, our orchestra now plays a symphony.

So, thank you everybody, we love and appreciate our little village. Let us all have a great holiday season.

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Jeanneoli said...

I visited your beautiful shop back in September. It was one of the highlights of our trip. Your staff was so helpful and truly kind. I look forward to being back some day.