Nothing like forced bed rest to make one aware of the caducity of life. While recovering from a recent surgery, I finally had time to do all those things I have, for months, left on the back burner. I have also decided that I am not a “sitter”. I can’t sit still. I can only read, watch TV, troll the Internet for so long and then I go stir crazy. I’m a “do-er”. I would make the worst housewife. I’d be one of those who, midday, can be found strolling through the back garden in a rumpled robe, martini in one hand, upper in the other, of course with perfect hair and makeup, and a killer ass from having all the time in the world to work out.

Anyway, since I wasn’t supposed to lift heavy, move too much, or stay on my feet too long, I decided to help my poor newly designated “house-husband” with the chores by cleaning off my computer desktop. Whew, I’m exhausted. I did, however, come across some old picture files of past travels. I started this blog after our trip to India, so I never was able to share the experience. After the horrible recent events in Mumbai, this is probably more important that ever. Don’t let one isolated incident dissuade any intent to travel to this intoxicating destination. This is the perfect time to travel to India. Stay tuned. Over the next week I will give you a sampling of our trip. So put on your best Sari, pour yourself a warm cup of chai, and curl up to your camel. We are going on an adventure.

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katy ryan said...

I am, arguably, the biggest Paris Market & Brocante fan in Kansas City, and I love your blog! Looking forward to reading about your travels to India, as I am continually intoxicated by the food and dream of visiting one day. I will gladly take you up on your offer to curl up with a mug of warm chai -- is there any better way to pass the time? My fiance and I joke that drinking chai makes us feel more intelligent, so we like to indulge before diving into one creative project or another.
Hope you're feeling better, and safe travels!