Sometimes it is the unexpected, the serendipitous, or the unforeseen that transforms us more than anything. Chance? Accident? Luck? Maybe a combination of all three. Maybe none of the above. Divine intervention? Not according to my previous calculations, although I never have been that good at math. Fate? Destiny? Karma?

I have recently been dealt the perfect hand. Check and checkmate. In the midst of my usual self-made storm, one of my homespun hurricanes, I suddenly find myself smack dab in the eye. The torrent of life and work still swirls around menacingly, but I have pause, relishing the peaceful, serene center. Those of you, who know me well, know what I am referring to. To everyone else, I hope this will suffice: I have been granted my balance.

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Low Country Luxe said...

Beautiful! I wish you all the peace and love that only motherhood can give to you. xxoo