Postcards from Paris: {The LeCorbusier Aesthetic}

I can say confidently that I know what my tastes are. I am certain of which things I categorize as my aesthetic. Specific things seem to surface again and again. With that said, I never want to limit my knowledge simply on the topics and styles I am already familiar with.
So when I meet people with different styles of one thing or another, I try and question them in order to live vicariously through their aesthetics. I had such an occasion the moment I met my friend Julie, an Italian-trained, Parisian architect, who is attracted to clean lines, pure bright colors, and modern architecture. She took me on a stroll through the Paris suburb of Boulogne-Billancourt, a small town adjacent to the 16th arrondisement, and modernized during the 1930's with various architects designing avant-garde atelier spaces; featuring large windows and rooftop-terraces. One of these architects who has inspired greatly with her own aesthetic is a man referred to, Le Corbusier. His design concept was to envision the residence as a correspondent to the weather. Having a large focus on light, the scale of window to wall space was quite dramatic, and a perfect outlet for artists. The mood of home echos the mood of the weather.
Charles-Edouard Jeanneret, better known as Le Corbusier. At that time in Paris, it was considered en-vogue to be identified by a single name, and the idea reflected his belief that anyone could reinvent themselves. Le Corbusier was born in Switzerland, and studied in Budapest and Paris.
In contrast, for me one of the very first appealing elements in Paris was in fact the Haussman architecture. I love the old, classic, romantic style. I love everything associated to it, from the ornate crown molding and the parquet floors to the zinc rooftops and balconies. As typically Parisian architecture continues to charm and resonate through my heart, this introduction to Le Corbusier has opened my mind to an entirely new type of Paris living. It is so invigorating to catch that glimpse in someone, that sparkle that twinkles for a moment when someone shares their passion. It is moving, convincing, and personal.

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