Market Days

This week is normally a painful procession through floor after floor of kitsch and crap in order to discover the latest treasure or coolest new product. Usually packed to the rafters and reeking of excessive perfume and, later in the day, body odor and other unmentionables, the experience usually leaves something to be desired.

I don’t know if it was the dire economy or general lack of enthusiasm for retail, but this year things seemed much more collegial and genteel. Everywhere I was greeted with a smile and the individualized service seemed better than ever. In a renewed effort to find something exciting and different, I dragged my poor husband up and down every floor of every building, and low and behold, found some awesome goodies. Who knew the typical run of the mill isle could reveal such bold new ideas, a fabulous new direction, and breath of fresh marketing air.

We took a break from the Market one day to peruse Scott’s Antique Market – a must stop if you ever get to Atlanta the second weekend of the month. Again, remarkably, treasures at every turn, and the prices – better than ever. My husband remarked the one good outcome of the market turndown is that people are now selling items that haven’t been seen in the mainstream for years. We picked up some unbelievable finds at absurd prices.

Anyway, we are now looking forward to the New York show with renewed interest, invigorated for the next great retail adventure.

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BlondeShot Creative said...

Paula- You need to let me know next time you're in Atlanta. I'm still here! I'm looking forward to visiting Savannah and the store soon. xo