After a night of Veuve Clicquot and Auld Lang Syne, it is time for renewal and reinvigoration. It is time took look ahead, not with trepidation, rather with anticipation and exhilaration for what is to come. Turn over a new leaf, hell, turn over the whole tree and plant another. Start the New Year with a whole new list of things to do, people to know, and places to go. Write this list somewhere prominent; and this year, go for it.

We resolve to eat healthier, work out harder, live greener, travel further, spend more time with family and friends and pets (not necessarily in that order), cook together, buy more locally, drink less bourbon (Taras), return to vintage, craft more (Paula), embrace the inevitable, and welcome change.

So stay tuned to The Paris Market and Brocante, over the next few months, changes are coming which will indulge your senses, changes your perspective, and blow your design Gestalt. We resolve to keep you inspired.

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