Marché de la Porte de Vanve

Up as early as we can muster, today marks the start of our “bric-a-brac” adventures. This market (Ave Georges-Lafenestre and Ave Marc-Sagnier) is best early Saturday morning. A slowly curving walk is punctuated on both sides by numerous aged and dilapidated vendors with wares sprawling from equally aged and dilapidated trucks. The vendors carry a wide range of items from books, to jewelry to lighting and furnishings. This is one of our favorite markets to find “smalls”, although sometimes my husband and I exit the market looking like a couple of vagrant pack-mules overloaded with various frames, chandeliers, and furniture.

Market Hints:

Come early, it starts at about 7am and most of the dealers have picked through the good stuff by the late morning. Things usually wrap up around 2pm.
Bring cash, there are a couple of cash machines around, but these usually run out of money when you really need it.
Try to arrange for return transportation prior to arrival, it’s usually difficult to find a cab in this area on the weekends, and its painful to take the subway if you have a lot of “treasures” in tow.
If you are hungry, the little kiosk at the end of the first row makes some mean frites and as usual for Europe, excellent espresso.

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Gigi said...

But I'm sure you look like elegant pack mules with your frames and chandeliers! What a fun market this looks like.