Postcards from Paris: {Vespas and Velibs}

I've often wondered;
What color would I have if I were to own a vespa?
Walking the rues where a number of Vespas are either parked near cafes or driven on by the lucky owners who ride them. I have taken notice of the variety of colors that Vespas could potentially come in. Black seems classic, but almost too classic. Touching more on "boring" than my character would allow. Yellow is pretty friendly, red automatically seems faster, green seems intellectual, there is a pleasing sea-foam color I have made a note of, but I've come to decide on this rather comforting tone of cream: like the shade of natural vanilla ice cream.
It's true that Vespas aren't French, but seeing them scattered throughout Paris, looking so handsome, it seems they certainly are warmly welcomed. I'd happily welcome one myself into ownership, but for financial reasons, in any case, one could settle for a Velib. Unfortunately, they do not come in different colors, and they are not motorized, but they do have a basket and a bell, and require a healthy work-out. I have spoken with several Parisians who are all in agreement with the Velib system.
From Metro Rides to walking, Vespas to Velibs. It doesn't matter how one gets around in Paris, just as long one gets around.



hayliebird said...

ooh reba! i love it. i want a vespa too. i agree the vanilla is wonderful. i have always loved pearl colored cars and bikes, especially if there is an actual pearly sheen to them! i have to start thinking about purchasing a vehicle for FL, and it makes me nervous. i'm not sure if i am ready to own a car again- perhaps a vespa will work, especially if i live in a beach town- ooh la la!

HailesHeartsFashion said...

cool post:) you have actually made me look into buying a vespa instead of a car!!! great blog. im a follower now. x


Anonymous said...

Bonjour!! Where are you? I know you are hiding out in Paris somewhere....make yourself known and post, post, post away, my dear!
Your followers are waiting patiently for you to begin writing again and please, please take some more gorgeous photos to share with us...