Postcards from Paris: {Metro Rides}

It's true I can afford some better portraits of the metro.
But my concept on the subject just surfaced, and I must share along it with the stored images in my database.
I much prefer getting by on my feet, but I do rather enjoy riding the metro in the mornings. There is a certain scent in the tunnel during the beginning hours of the day. I had never really paid attention to the scent due to either that common distraction of people watching, or paying too much attention trying to figure out which line and which stop to get to my destination. I must admit, there are quite often occasions when some stops smell particularly terrible. I think the key is to start early, when the perfume is fresh.
Now that I've familiarized myself with the different routes and the overall system, I can take the time to smell the metro.

Some other observations regarding the subject:
-I like waiting at Place de Clichy off of line 13 because there is always classical music playing. One of my favorite nocturnes by Chopin was our soundtrack one evening, and I thought to myself, how sophisticated it all seems waiting for the metro.
-I like line 2, when the crowd seems pleasant, and not too sketchy. It can be hit or miss with the passengers on this particular line, but I really enjoy looking out the window from Jaures through Barbes-Rochechoart. The time passes so much quicker when there is an actual view compared to the typical view of the dark tunnels in between the florescent-lit stops.
-I also enjoy line 6, once it surfaces from the ground at Passy and crosses over the Seine to reveal a perfect picture of the Eiffel Tower. The tourists always seem to gasp aloud with joy, and the Parisians just continue reading their newspapers. I like the excitement, because I still feel it every time.

Though there are a number of negatives with the metro, I try to get past those because after all, the metro is an essential element to life in Paris.

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The Armchair Parisian said...

Somehow, I have never been on the line that pops out with a view of the Eiffel Tower. I've filed that away for my next visit - Merci :-)

I enjoy riding the metro when it isn't terribly crowded. Love to people watch...