Postcards from Paris: {Bals Croises de la Baronne}

There is sand along the quai of the Seine river, sun umbrellas are pitched up, lawn chairs are sprawled about, and those Parisiens left in the city, along with the smiling tourists, are sprucing up their golden tans. I am too far behind with my pale complexion to consider catching up in public. Rather I’ve taken advantage of Bals Croises de la Baronne. From July 20th until the 20th of August those who are happy on their feet have the opportunity to dance a variety of steps with partners who may or may not know what they themselves are doing. I was fortunate to fall into the arms of leaders who had been dancing all of their lives, and were gracious with their flatteries: “You dance so well.” Pfft! I would then laugh and make sure to loosen my legs to a mailable state and allow then to follow the leader. It’s always a good result, a sense of accomplishment to work up a healthy sweat just by laughing and spinning about. One older man in particular, who my friend and I gathered, was prone to pick the younger girls took his role as dance instructor quite professionally and with our awkward steps he would reassure us that it is only but a manner of, “une deux, une deux, une deux”

Something to consider if one’s night seems undecided:
Lundi: World Guinguette
Mardi: Tango
Mercredi: Rock-Swing-RN’B
Jeudi: Musette
Vendredi: Caribéen
Samedi: Danses XIX et Grand Bal
Dimanche: Country



Anonymous said...

Is that you dancing, Reba? The girl with the long dress and the long brown hair with her back to the camera?

hayliebird said...

oh! this is wonderful. i do love to dance- and now i will dream of dancing in paris next to the siene...