Postcards from Paris: {Dent May, "Oh, Paris"}

I have to admit, yesterday I was feeling a little melancholy. Most of all of my friends have left Paris to go on holiday. Because of lacking funds and job interviews I decided to stay in Paris.
With that, I took a solemn stroll about town, allowing myself to just absorb things. I was dismayed initially when I reached in my bag to grab my camera, and I realized I had left it charging. As a result to no camera and no friends, I really did end up having a pleasant stroll. No pressure, whatever I wanted to do or pay attention to. I started from Place de Clichy, through Monceau Park, down the Champs-Elysees, and onward until I was in Le Marais. I then walked up along the Canal Saint-Martin. That entire time I mainly just people watched. There was some point amongst all that strolling where I stopped into Colette, the "cool store" about town and found myself mesmerized with slight dance steps, holding the earphones, listening to Dent May's Oh, Paris.
Charming little bit, he sings.

"Oh, Paris!" - by DENT MAY from John Rory Fraser on Vimeo.

Oh Paris, You've really done something to me.
You and I seem to agree here tonight.
Oh Paris, I like to see you in the rain,
Pretty girls in black berets, reading books in sad cafes.
I finally know that I belong here in this world...
Blissfully, I walk for hours in your streets.
Stop to grab something to eat in the night.
You were more than just a friend.
It is you I will depend,
I will love you til the end.
I finally know that I belong here in this world...


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Anonymous said...

How sweet and how cute! How do you say "I love it" in French?