Postcards from Paris: {Soldes, Under the Glass Ceiling}

It isn't as though I have either money nor space to buy things. My bookshelves and kitchen cabinets are now storage for some of my clothing. I have an array of different colors and styles of shoes which are lined up underneath my couch/bed. I have three lovely scented perfumes to choose from, depending on my mood what I will wear when the day, or evening begins. My purses are plentiful, also displayed on the bookshelves; and my amount of books and DVDs are adequate considering I am living in Paris for an unsure amount of time.
Material possessions are not the source of happiness, they are just nice to have. Plus, there is a shallow sense of comfort knowing that if one sailor-striped shirt just isn't working, I have a couple of others to choose from.
With all of that as an introduction, it's SOLDES time here in Paris. Meaning, major sales everywhere.
Being in the situation I am currently in, I strolled a few blocks to the Galeries LaFayette, not to accommodate more "things," but to stand underneath this marvel of a ceilling...

And to score some sample perfumes.

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hayliebird said...

oh so lovely a ceiling! i know the feeling you are having. since i am in the midst of moving it seems silly to acquire more things, so every sale, and every fabulous store window i pass, i try to look the other way or i just take a few minutes to prepare for the strength to resist before i enter any stores... too bad there aren't any ceilings like that to distract me! have fun & what a great idea, collecting perfume samples! when i am out of my favorite perfume (amarige givenchy) and low on money too, i often swing by sephora just for a spritz for old times sake, until i can afford my next bottle!! xoxo