Postcards from Paris: {Cirque d'hiver}

It seems as though I am on some sort of roll with these entertainment posts; From Jules Cheret's performance posters, the carnival in the Tuileries, and now the Cirque d'hiver. Perhaps I crave to be excitedly entertained.

I have relocated myself once again, hence the lack of posts, and as I was exploring my temporary new neighborhood I walked through the Friday morning market off rue Oberkampf to eventually come across this oval polygon building: the Cirque d'hiver, Winter Circus.

Not completely a foreign stature, as I have come across it before, yet with the architectural elements and the colored background motifs, I not only wanted to photograph this building, I wanted to know it's history. What draws me most is that yellow background. Along with the red that embellishes the top of the building, I find it to be an entirely appropriate combination of two simple, primary colors in the midst of the Parisian monochromatic palette; and it causes the wondering thought of, "now, what's this building?" A Parisian take on the red and white striped tent, what else would it host, but a circus show!


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kirsten sparenborg said...

Wonderful! What's inside? Next time...
Talk to you soon!