Postcards from Paris: {Une fête de la pluie}

It's been raining all afternoon. Buckets. It honestly looks as though my apartment has been relocated right underneath a waterfall. My roof gutter is spilling over, and the streets are flooded. Umbrellas would hardly suffice.
But, today is a special day for France. It is La Fete Nationale, Bastille Day.
Fireworks are set to burst and leave glitter in the sky this evening, oh but the rain. I assumed the celebrations would be rained out so I took to napping away my afternoon.
I woke up to a bright ray of sunlight beaming into my window and children laughing in the streets. I look out my window, the sky is blue, the clouds are white, and combined with the red from the terra cotta chimneys, ever so settle, I am feeling some French patricism beginning to surface.

Another occasion to wear red, white, and blue; mais c'est bleu, blanc, et rouge!
Happy Bastille Day, La fête nationale du 14 juillet!

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