Postcards from Paris: {Darling, Sweety, Dear, Honey}

All endearing names to call the one you love.
And it really is quite a delight. Growing up, on my family's southern California property was a large, quite over sized honeysuckle bush. I couldn't say how many bundles of honeysuckle blossoms my brothers and innocently indulged in, yet I believe we did a bee's work on a regular basis.

Aside from nostalgia, and the fact that the honeysuckle nectar was not actual honey, I hold on to the childhood memory and the appreciation for delicious honey.

From the French perspective, like a good wine or cheese; good honey takes time. The process and the many small elements can differentiate between one type of honey an another, all depending on things such as specific blossoms and region. Savannah, Georgia, where The Paris Market resides, has a wonderful source of delicious honey, The Savannah Bee Company. Considering my distance from Savannah, Georgia it was a pleasure coming across this little honey store in Paris. With all types of honey lined up on the shelves, my sweet-tooth surfaced.

My decision was finalized: clover honey with assorted nuts. As a result to this discovery, I look forward to my day beginning with a healthy bit of fromage blanc and a darling, sweet serving of my dear honey.


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