Postcards from Paris: {Spectacular, Spectacle}

I've been recalling an epiphany I had in the beginning of February. I was sitting at Le Cafe de Fleur one evening, off the Boulevard Saint-Germain des Pres. I was with two friends, it was cold, and we each had our rich order of chocolat chaud. We were discussing different activities to pursue while living in Paris.
It hit me, and made so much sense: ballet
As I remember it, I went home and began my research.
I looked and looked for a beginning ballet class for adults.
I emailed several people.
I hate admitting this, but I gave up.
There was an abundance of beginning classes for young girls, and I settled with:
"If I can't join one, I would at least like to see one."
Time passed.
As it so happens, I received the invite I was waiting for. A Sunday afternoon Spectacle, from the little girl I Au Pair for, Ines.

It was charming, lovely, funny, and spectacular.
Little French girls dancing to classical music and Yves Montand.
Il était tout!


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