Postcards from Paris: {Children at the Fairground}

Peeking from above the perfectly trimmed treetops in Le Jardin des Tuileries, a summer contribution to the scenery, a Ferris wheel along with booths of cotton candy, crepes, ice cream. There are stands adorned with lights, set up with backgrounds of toys and stuffed animals. A clown waiting for children to come to him and tell him what animals to create from his array of colorful, long balloons. A carousel sits rather calmly, with it's top-crowned horse.

The fairground in the afternoon was a little lonely, but I can imagine once the sun sets, and the strung lights are beaming, with the scent of fresh spun cotton candy in the air, and the carnival music at it's climatic level; the lines will be booming, some would wish that it wasn't so crowded and others would feel like they are part of the excitement, and feel invigorated.

While living in Georgia, when the country fair came into town I was determined to seize the moment: eat too much cotton candy and stand in the longest of lines to ride the Ferris wheel.

I hope the Parisians do just that this evening in Les Jardin des Tuileries, bellies full of pink-spun sugar and arms full of tacky, yet memorable oversized stuffed animals.



Gigi said...

What a wonderful find this blog is. It fulfills my fantasy mind trips to the city of Paris. Reba each day I look forward to seeing, reading and hearing of and about the unnoticed treasures that you bring to those of us that are far away in body but there with you in mind and spirit. Thank You

Anonymous said...

A disappointment when opening the blog to see only a dated post. Little funds and only my imagination to carry me far away I savor your veiw and experiences of your Paris adventure.

The Consummate Hostess said...

Absolutely charming! Oh how I would love to be magically transported to a Parisian carnival...

hayliebird said...

oh so lovely! last fall when i was there nannying, i stayed in the hotel just across from the merry-go-round, le meurice. it was fancy and fun and the hotel staff was so kind. i loved sitting and staring out over the gardens at night- such a beautiful view of the city and the eiffel tower.