Postcards from Paris: {Yves and Lulu}

Last week I fell in love with Paris-
Like most people's lives, it's quite easy to fall into the routine of things. I think routine can be nice, and can offer one a sense of static existence. Yet, routine can sometimes make one feel like there is no time for special events, for instance a day at the museum.
It was so nice to spend the afternoon at Le Petit Palais, where there was a wonderful YSL exhibition. The weather was lovely, and once again I was hit with the realization that I was in Paris.

How silly of me to forget how inspiring museums are. With this particular exhibition tied directly with my field of interest, I felt so motivated to design and draw. Not only was it a wonder to see the actual garments displayed on mannequins, but Yves Saint Laurent's illustrations and croquis offered a look at the beginning stages of his classic designs.
Most of all, I was charmed by Lulu.
Lulu is a character developed by Yves, who is quite a contrast to the long, thin-limbed figures he typically illustrates. She seems to be a devilish little character, but offers a sense of lightness and humor to his personality. I like the thought that professionals find time to get distracted every now and again, and that those distractions can really depict an entirely undiscovered side to the people we most admire.

Now I am off to enjoy a refreshing Perrier a la menthe in this city that I love so much.
Here's to Yves and Lulu.

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