Tablescapes: A Woodland Thanksgiving Table

The Party: After the Hunt, Thanksgiving Dinner
The People: Your closest Family and Friends, enjoying a well earned feast after the annual Thanksgiving Day Quail Hunt
The Inspiration: Warm Fall Jewel Hues with Woodsy Details and Glamour Undertones

A Collection of Cloches make for an unforgettable centerpiece. Each dome holds a world of its own. In  creating this look we paired paper mache mushrooms, dried moss, and wax tapers.

We just love these unique butter spreaders with squirrel shaped handles!

* A signature printed vintage plate can make for a great accent piece *
Try adding a bold bowl to your place setting. This hand-dipped gold bowl is the perfect conversation starter for any get together!

Dust off that heirloom silverware and mismatch pieces to create whimsical and sentimental addition to your place setting. 

Forget those typical paper pressed coasters and go for the natural approach with a coaster made out of Birch Logs!

These Taper Holders are a must have accessory for fall!
The brass holder has a spike on the end that can stick into any organic surface. Here we stuck our tapers into dried fungus pieces. Try using gourds or pumpkins for your next fall festivity! 

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Ron said...

OMG! I love this look:) And I love PM! Check out Uptown Acorn!