A Thanksgiving Unforgotten

It's hard to ignore the blasting of Christmas music in the already bustling retail stores. The overcrowding of garland has begun to take over mantels, railings, and the occasional doorway, as well as "Welcome Santa" billboards lining the corners of every busy intersection. 
Sometimes the excitement of the holidays can't be contained and because of this it seems that Christmas arrives earlier and earlier every year. Thanksgiving, Christmas's younger (sometimes forgotten) little brother, is right around the corner. We know that there are no catchy songs about a turkey and its giblets, or that there isn't the overwhelming suspense of ripping wrapping paper; but Thanksgiving Day is a day that should not be overlooked. 
This day of thanks brings so many fond memories of family moments, kitchen mishaps and triumphs, and a parting gift to the end of a beloved fall season. 

So resist the urge to trim that tree and hang the mistletoe for just one more week. 
Give Thanksgiving Day the attention and adoration it once had back before Holiday Layaway.
Wishing you and yours a very Happy Thanksgiving week ahead!

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