Postcards from Paris: { Proenza Schouler à Paris }

Sometimes there are things that take us away from what we enjoy doing most, and periods of time where time itself moves along in a manner that we can't really define. One thing is certain, that there is always a different air to the city when Fashion week comes around; like a change of season.
There is a crowd that moves about the city with a different air. Of course Paris is Paris and is always chic, but come the week of fashion the brands become a little more flashy, the heels a little higher, and the lipstick more bold.
One of my favorite American fashion houses, Proenza Schouler has set up camp at Le Bon Marché. As my current routine takes me there each day, I was pleasantly surprised to see the exposition being installed on the rez-de-chaussée. Their vibrant textiles pop-out amongst the black palette, and anyone wearing the recent collection would stand out from the crowd.
We need the courage from the fashionweek crowd to come around more often and inspire us with their unique style and boldness.

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