Vintage Find of the Day : Monogrammed Card Case

Today's vintage find is truly a unique treasure. Excavated from the depths of history, we've recently discovered a beautiful case of playing cards from America's famous first luxury leather goods brand, Mark Cross. Established in 1845, Mark Cross Company specialized in saddles and harnesses before introducing their numerous other leather goods. Providing top-notch quality leather products for over 150 years, Mark Cross sadly closed in 1997, until recently in 2010, the company was reborn. Though Mark Cross has been established anew, our card case is unmistakably vintage. One look at the set and it becomes clear Mark Cross' precision in making their products is astonishing. Each item included in the case is in remarkable condition, including all six decks of cards and the four beautiful brass pencils. For the card players out there, this set is a unique piece of history and a must-have for any vintage lover and card collector! Perfect for parties, family gatherings, or any social event, this beautiful set of vintage cards will surely bring hours and hours of fun gaming!

Available at The Paris Market.

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