Bright Idea: Holiday Party Decor

The holiday season is well underway & with that comes holiday parties! And while the holidays are a busy enough time without adding a party to the mix, we hope that our decor tips & tricks will help to show you that throwing a party really can be a cinch! And keep reading to the end to catch two wonderful holiday decor DIYs! 
1) Create an inviting entryway. The entryway is the first thing your guests will see upon their arrival, so make sure you make a good first impression. 
2) Create separate areas for your guests to enjoy. It's important to have separate areas to stimulate party flow. You don't want all of your guests crowded in one area. Keep the food table & the bar separate & have both formal & informal seating areas.  
3) Attract your guests to the food table by making it interesting. Don't just set out a boring, old table & place a few platters of food on it. Create visual appeal with different levels, layers, & textures. And don't forget about the space above the table! Utilize this space to hang decorations to link the food table to the rest of the party space.
4) Find your center. Centerpieces are key to create the focal point of a table & tie the overall theme of your party together. For the main food table, we used an arrangement of our bottle brush trees, cloches, moss, & glittery reindeer. For the dessert table, we filled jars with snow & created little wintery scenes inside, to mimic snow globes.    
5) And last but not least: details, details, details! This is something that can be easily forgotten, but details are so important to give your guests a complete party experience. Think of all the spaces throughout your house that your guests will be, from the hallway to the bathroom & everywhere in between! Don't forget to include decorations in these places as well. The littlest details often make the biggest impression!

Holiday Decor DIYs:

For our menu: we took an old frame & fitted it with a piece of board that we painted with chalkboard paint. We then used a chalk paint pen to handwrite the menu.   
This is a lovely & easy way to spruce up an otherwise boring arrangement. We took pheasant feathers (which you can get right here at The Paris Market) & covered the tips first with Glitter Blast spray paint & then a sprinkle of gold glitter to finish them off! They made for a striking addition to the mantle arrangement! 

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