Holiday Pick of the Week: Surprize Balls

Mini Surprize Ball Snowballs - Available Online
The first week of December is already half over, which means we're beginning to get a little anxious to start crossing names off of our holiday shopping list. Surprize Balls are one of our top picks for holiday gifts this year because they make the perfect little stocking stuffer! And what makes these delightful gifts even cooler is the awesome history behind them: 
The earliest evidence of Surprise Balls was found in Native American culture. Traditionally, it was a common practice to tell the history of one's life with a unique ball of twigs, grass, string, etc. The first layer represented birth & then for significant events in life, another layer & memento were added. Surprise Balls in Native American culture represented a person's entire life.   
Surprise Balls became vogue in America in the 1950s when a gent named Charles Gregor in New Orleans created, "The Surprise Ball: The Toy You Destroy to Enjoy." The Surprize Ball soon made its appearance in FAO Schwarz, Mayo Clinic, The Children's Hospital in Minnesota, Ben Franklin Crafts, & The Nut Tree near San Francisco. 
Eventually, the trend stopped as trends tend to do. But then in the 1980s, Judy Walker remembered Surprise Balls from her childhood. She began to collect original trinkets & surprises, like Fortune Fish & vintage toys, then wrapped them into colorful crepe paper to create the Surprize Ball, which is now loved by people of all ages & for every sort of occasion.
It was no surprise (no pun intended) that as soon as we put the Surprize Balls out, they started flying off the shelf. Thankfully, we managed to save a few exclusively for our online store! So if you're looking for a wonderfully unique gift that is sure to bring joy to the receiver, head on over to our website now! Happy holiday shopping!!

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