Weekend Inspiration: Easter Celebration

Easter is only a day and a half away and we could not be more excited to spend the day relaxing with our friends and family! There's nothing we cherish more than gathering around the table for a delicious Sunday brunch, sharing stories with our loved ones, making new memories and painting lots and lots of eggs! In preparation for this Sunday's celebration, we've been gathering a few our favorite Easter themed items to add to the rest of our holiday decor. And if you're in search for a few last minute Easter items like us, then you've come to the right place! Our soft pastel napkins, floral coasters and bunny name tag holders will make your home feel like Easter morning in no time. Stop by soon and see the rest of our collection today! And have a great weekend and a very Happy Easter!


Vintage Find of the Day: Correspondence Collection

If it were up to us, we would spend all day everyday sorting through old papers and correspondence letters. The abundance of memories and personalized stories waiting to be discovered is a dream for history lovers like us. So rarely do we find ourselves in a situation where we can read an individual's personal experiences, and gain insight to a time now long past. As we've been sorting through our collection of vintage letters, we've been amazed by how current some of them feel. Even though it may have been written over a century ago, it still carries with it the emotions and sentiments every individual experiences in their lifetime. Which we find to be both equally inspiring and encouraging. And to top it all off, it goes without saying we are and forever will be, obsessed with vintage envelopes. Beautifully decorated in a collage of postage stamps and hand lettered addresses, each letter is a time capsule containing a unique history all of its own, and we can never get enough! Stop by soon and check out our entire collection of vintage letters. You never know what you might find!


From Farm Stand to Homestead: The Unique Scents of Produce Candles

Today we are super excited to introduce our latest collection of harvest inspired candles. Based in Charleston, South Carolina, Produce Candles brings all of the best scents of a produce stand directly into your home and office. Clean, fresh and undeniably unique, each candle offers its own special flavor to the table. And with options like Honey, Wildflower, Carrot and Melon to choose from, picking a favorite is most certainly an impossible task. Sweet, earthy, spicy, crisp... each element will be seasonally represented in each of these hand-cultivated candles. Made with natural soy wax and premium cotton wicks and finished in a beautiful package, these candles are an absolute must-have this spring and summer! Stop by today to enjoy all of Produce's unique scents or browse our online boutique for your soon-to-be new favorite candle!


Currently Inspired: Handcrafted Jewelry

On a rainy day like today the weather can really make us feel uninspired. When a double cappuccino and salted caramel don't lift our spirits then we know we're in trouble! It's days like these that we're especially grateful to be working in such an inspiring place. Everyday something unique makes its way onto our shelves that reminds us of the beauty that always surrounds us. And today is no exception! It never ceases to amaze us how talented our jewelry artists are. Every artist brings their own personal vision to each hand crafted piece and the result is a beautiful work of wearable art. And despite the weather attempting to make us feel glum, seeing our newest collections of spring jewelry is only inspiring us more to create something beautiful. If you're feeling the rainy day blues today then stop by soon and see the rest of our inspiring collection featuring some of our favorite jewelry artists such as Cameron Kruse, Denise Disharoon, Erica Wilson, Collin Garrity and more!

Available at The Paris Market.


On the Table: Flora and Fauna

We've been all about the nature theme lately. Maybe the sudden growth of flora and fauna from our spring showers has inspired us or maybe we're becoming more outdoorsy the older we get. Either way, if there's a new way of incorporating nature into our lives, we'll make it happen! With our latest table display we wanted to create a more rustic atmosphere than usual. Incorporating dried leaves and olive wood utensils was our main focus. However, we didn't want the table to feel too earthy so we included a few of our simple glass tumblers and silver flatware to balance it out. Forgoing a traditional placemat, we instead chose to use our vintage leather bound books to set each place setting as not only a way to unify the table, but also as a way to add an old world charm to the delicious and outdoorsy evening ahead. Bon Appetit!


Weekend Inspiration: Picnic Essentials

The weekend is right around the corner and already we're getting our plans in order for a relaxing couple of days. With a forecast of 80 degree weather and pure sunshine, it's safe to assume we'll be spending the majority of our weekend outdoors on a good ol' fashioned picnic! We've already begun packing our basket with a few our favorite outdoor dining essentials. And though we love our olive wood utensils and our new favorite water bottle, we can't deny our excitement to try some of our brand new French jams that have just landed on our shelves. We've been tempted all week to spread some Apricot jam on our morning croissants, but we figured bringing them on a picnic was a more exciting introduction. Stop by soon and check out the rest of our picnic essentials and be sure to spend some quality time outdoors this weekend!

Available at The Paris Market.


On the Shelf: Stylish Spring Outfits

Spring is officially in full swing, which means more sunshine, longer days, warmer nights and hopefully not too much pollen! We're firm believers in dressing appropriate for each season and now that we're looking forward to the warmer months, we're excited to freshen up our wardrobe! And if we're picking out clothes for ourselves then it goes without saying that we'll be dressing up our little ones just the same! Fortunately for us and for everyone else who is in the market for adorable little outfits can now find an abundance to choose from in the baby nook of our store. Onesies, striped dresses, and graphic tee's are just a few of our newest spring additions. Available in a variety of sizes for different ages, you can rest assured your child will be the most stylish kid on the block! Stop by soon and see the rest of our new collection today!

Available at The Paris Market.