Summer School Essentials

No child wants to be stuck having to attend summer school. When all of your friends are outside having fun, being trapped inside a classroom is about as bad as it gets! But, there is always room to make learning a more fun and rewarding experience and here at The Paris Market, we're all about having fun! Spinning tops, books of fables, vintage globes and kazoos, are here to make class worth attending. Just because school is in session doesn't mean you can't make it interesting!

Stop by today for all of your summer school essentials!


On the Shelf: Colorful Notebooks for Summer

We're total suckers for all things stationary and paper goods related. Nothing gets us excited like cracking open a fresh notebook to pour our ideas into. Nowadays, we've reached the point where we have a separate notebook for everything! We know we're not the only ones out there who feel similarly, so we've been making sure to take care of all of us stationary lovers by stocking our shelves with some quality paper goods. Pocket notebooks, sharp pencils, address books, cards and sketchpads, all available in a spectrum of colorfully adorned covers, what more could a lover of stationary want?

Stop by soon and keep your ideas and pen flowing with our new collection of paper goods!


Currently Inspired: Mad Scientist's Lab

The past couple of days we've begun displaying some of our exciting new finds. Our shelves have been filling up with a myriad of beakers, flasks and various other vintage finds that it feels like it's about time we put our mad-scientist lab coats back on! We don't have any experiments planned anytime soon, but we are excited to transform our cabinet into a laboratory-inspired display, filled with intriguing objects and the intoxicating scents of The Archivist candles. Stop by soon and see the rest of our exciting new finds in store!


Weekend Inspiration: Vintage Silver

It's Friday! As usual, we're looking for some weekend inspiration to keep us busy for the next couple of days. Knowing us, it should come as no surprise that we're immediately drawn to one of our vintage collections. Although we don't consider ourselves the fancy type per se, our assortment of vintage silver is making us want to host a dinner party like no other! Napkin rings, tea strainers, flasks and flatware as far as the eye can see, it's clear that we are in vintage silver heaven! And this weekend, we're going to put it to some good use! See the entire collection in store and have a happy weekend!  


On the Shelf: FOUND Jewelry

Summer is the season to accessorize and we've been doing plenty of it with the arrival of our new collections of jewelry and accessories. Lately, we've been especially head over heels for our brand new assortment of Erica Wilson's FOUND Jewelry. Seamlessly blending natural objects with vintage finds, Erica combines our favorite elements into a collection of wearable art that we have fallen in love with! Subtle, beautiful and original, each piece of jewelry possesses its own history and character that makes her collection feel like artifacts found on an epic journey. It's the sort of thing we dream about, and needless to say FOUND Jewelry is easily on the top of our list of this summer's must-have accessories! Stop by and see the entire collection in store!  


Currently Inspired: Summer Garden

It's summer and we've been in the gardening spirit! With all of the latest garden accessories lining our shelves, we can't help but feel inspired to get our hands dirty! There's nothing we love more than being out in the fresh air planting some delicious fruits and veggies. And after a hard day's work in the yard is done, relaxing with one of our Produce candles is the perfect end to a summer day! If your thumbs are feeling as green as ours, stop by the store and pick up a few of our latest garden goods!


A Few of our Favorite Things: Shannon

Introducing....Shannon! A recent graduate from SCAD, Shannon earned her Bachelors degree in Writing, with a minor in Art History. Before attending the Savannah College of Art and Design Shannon garnered her first degree in Aviation Maintenance. Nowadays, she likes to spend her days reading, writing, thrifting and eating lots of guacamole. Shannon always finds a way to make work more fun and we couldn't be more excited to have her on board! We've been anxious to discover what keeps Shannon inspired so be sure to check out a few of her favorite things below!

1. Vintage Silver | 2. Electric Clock | 3. Red Cap Cards by Kelsey Garrity-Riley | 4. Minimalist Lamp by Collin Garrity | 5. Print by Erik Riley | 6. Puppet Hands


Happy Bastille Day!

Today we celebrate France's National Day, La FĂȘte Nationale - commemorating the day in 1789 when crowds stormed the Bastille fortress, marking the beginning of the French Revolution. It's a day we like to celebrate with a nice bottle of French wine, a small assortment of cheeses and as many red, white and blue themed items as we can find! We don't plan on storming any castles today, but we will certainly be honoring and celebrating the brave men and women who fought for their freedom centuries ago. Enjoy our collection of celebratory red, white and blue items and have a Happy Bastille Day!


Weekend Inspiration: Classic Candies

Lately we've been feeling like little kids in a candy shop. Our shelves have been filling up with all kinds of tasty new treats, and needless to say, we've been over indulging just a bit! But, with mini banana splits, peanut butter bars and mint julep candies within reach, who could resist? And, with the  weekend around the corner, we're thinking it's a good time to treat ourselves to something sweet! Stop by soon and satisfy your sweet tooth with our new classic candies!


Curious Collection: Puppet Parts

There are endless collections of curiosities that make their way through The Paris Market. Some are here for only a brief moment, while others become more permanent fixtures throughout the store. Although some may find this collection to be slightly on the creepy side, we on the other hand, have been obsessed with our swatch boards of puppet parts since the moment they arrived at our front door! As they are all parts of a greater whole, each appendage, whether it be a hand, arm, foot or leg has an abundance of mystery and curiosity, simply by being separated from its original context. With the rest of the puppet out of sight, these organized appendages offer new opportunities for appreciating each individual piece as a beautiful work of art. Stop by soon and see the rest of this curious collection in store!