The Anti-Museum

Rebellious and uncompromising, the Palais de Tokyo is the one of the best venues in world to experience art with all your senses.  Play gondolier, disappearing through the flooded Acquaalta (Céleste Boursier-Mougenot); marvel the butterfly wings, shed snakeskin, eggshells and painting on ashes (Patrick Neu); and freak out your five year old with the grotesque but kitschy imagery of Tianzhou Chen.

My favorites, definitely Baitogogo (Henrique Oliveira), a spectacular Gordian knot that organically emerges as if from the womb of the building; and Le Païpe, a series of geometric abstractions and monochrome landscapes (Isabelle Cornaro).  Grab a snack at Tokyo Eat, or be seen on the Terrace and just exude intellectual cool at Monsieur Bleu.