Five months. Just five months and life has changed forever. A newborn can certainly rock your world. Between diaper changes, bottle-feeding, and late night (or is it early morning?) lullabies, I’m half-hazed most days and my husband looks like he’s back in the midst of residency. Exhausting? …yes; difficult? …at times; would I trade it for the world? …never! My clothes look like a similac Rorschach, my nails like I work a jackhammer for a living, and my hair – now even my husband knows I’m not really a blond. I have learned words like Bjorn, Bugaboo and Bumbo. I truly believe the inventor of the pacifier should receive the Nobel Peace prize. My home has gone from curated to chaotic. My favorite scent is bleach. Toys litter the furniture and floor - even the dogs think the house is messy. Yet even at my most frazzled, bleary eyed, sleep-deprived - one crooked smile, one joyous squeal of delight and I melt: pure love, pure joy, and complete happiness!

Hopefully as I settle into my newfound motherhood, I will again have some time to blog the day away. Thank God for our “Reba in Paris” through whom I’ve also been living vicariously the past few months. What a treat with my morning coffee.

Anyway, the winter has come to an end, spring travel season is almost here and my baby needs a passport like yesterday. Since we are currently somewhat internationally constrained, our focus has been on national classic favorites. We have hit some doozies already and I will bring you up to speed in the coming days. Wait until you see what we have in store!


Daisy's Mercantile said...

Oh, did you bring back some crazy good memories for me. By the way, My husband and I second your motion for the peace prize nomination. If for some reason you haven't yet, panic if you don't have 12 pacifiers in the house at all times. One brand and/or color can have a 1/2 dozen in the kitchen and at least 6 more on your nightstand or the top drawer of your little darlings dresser. We always kept 6 additional in the diaper bag. Being that my first little darling is leaving for a big adventure in Washington DC before his freshman year in college I covet a chance to relive those "simpler times". Well the 8 and 13 year old will fight just enough that my house won't be completely quiet. Your house will never be quite as clean and your heart will never be as full.

Cindy at LottieBird said...

Aren't the different phases of our lives a great ride?

To be Reba, to be you, to be me (older kids), it's such a treat to experience it all. Even if it's not all at the same time.